UK Blogger Releases Skin Tone Inspired Hijabs



Habiba Da Silva, a lifestyle and beauty blogger, recently released a line of scarves called SKIN. The collection celebrates the beauty of diversity and was inspired by Da Silva’s love for different cultures. The photography for the collection reflects Da Silva’s vision of creating “something for everyone: men, women; from every background”.


SKIN Scarves

The scarves are made of cotton and come in four colours, Zaffeh (Ivory), Rukhasti (Caramel), Aroosada (Chocolate brown) and  Aure (Black).

a1-425x600  ar1-425x600  r1-425x600.jpg  z1-425x600

The theme of the collection plays around the idea of ‘marriage and each scarf is named after different aspects of marriage. Da Silva gives a description of each scarf and the meanings behind the names.

Aure – is a Hausa word, which means marriage.

Rukhasti- is an Urdu word, which means sending off.

Zaffeh- is an Arabic word, which means a wedding march.

Aroosada- is a Somali word, which means bride.


The scarves retail for £20 and will be back in stock Friday 28 October, 12pm GMT.


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