Beginners Guide: Concealer

What is Concealer

Concealer is makeup used to cover-up “conceal” imperfections such as  scars, under-eye circles and blemishes. It is also used  as a spot-treatment for breakouts and to hide freckles and tattoos.

Other Uses: Define eyebrows, contour and highlight.

There are many different types of concealer to suit different skin types and concerns.  Liquid, cream and stick are the main types of formulas you can pick from.

Liquid Concealer


Liquid concealer is the most versatile type of concealer. It comes in a number of finishes (dewy, satin, and matte) to suit different skin types.

The consistency makes it easy to apply and offers build-able coverage. Depending on how much you apply, coverage could range from light to full.The type of tool you use will also affect the coverage

Application Tip: Use a concealer brush for more precision.

Stick/Pencil Concealer


Stick concealer has a solid creamy formula, similar to lipstick. It comes in a retractable tube which makes it easy to apply.

It is highly pigmented, and offers full coverage .

Stick concealer is best for normal, dry, and sensitive skin. The ingredients, particularly the emollients, often times do not work well with acne prone skin.

Cream Concealer 


Cream concealer as the name suggests has a creamy texture and has a higher viscosity than liquid concealer. The consistency is great for under eye application and is ideal for people with normal, dry, combination, or sensitive skin.

It has build-able coverage, ranging from medium to full.

It is usually packaged in a palette or small jar.

Choosing a Concealer

When choosing a concealer it is best to pick one based on your skin type and concerns. For example if your skin tends to get oily, stick concealer would not be ideal. If you have dry, flaky skin, avoid concealers with a matte finish because they will make your skin look patchy.


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